vr hackathon mini
The hackathon for young people into virtual reality & immersive technologies
1 day
for kids and young adults to transform the future of immersive technologies
The VR Hackathon MINI is focused on bringing together the brightest young minds from grade and high school interested in virtual reality and related technologies to create with innovative hardware and software, have fun, and build out their future with immersive technologies.
What is VR Hackathon MINI?
The VR Hackathon MINI provides an exploratory environment where disruption, innovation, and creative ideas are brought to life.
When is the hackathon?
The MINI event takes place on a Saturday from 8:00am - 8:00pm.
Who is having this party?
Educators that join forces with the Web3D Consortium and amazing sponsors are the ones making the MINI hackathons happen.
Who can participate?
The VR Hackathn MINI is mainly for students grades 5th-12th

Here are some of the tools we will be using at the hackathon.


What is VR Hackathon MINI?

Hackathon MINI is the first hackathon for middle grade youth exploring the possibilities of developing projects for the world of virtual and mixed reality. This hackathon gives middle school age students an easy way to learn how to code and create a great project. Experienced hackers can also come and learn about new technologies that they can use.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event in which teams building something awesome (and then demo it). For this event middle grade youth will take a modified version of a hackathon at only twelve hours. Hackathons typically run between a day and an entire week! The goal is to produce usable software. Each hackathon has a specific focus. This Hackathon MINI will focus on creating software for use in a virtual environment. Hackathon MINI is open to anyone, from the absolute beginner to the professional hacker.

This does not sound like ‘hacking’…

That is because we are not using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system. There are multiple definitions to the term ‘hack’ and ‘hacker’. In this case we mean the type of hacking where code and programs are repurposed for a beneficial project that may or may not have been the intended purpose.

What if I don't know how to code?

Coding not required! You can definitely learn here – there will be mentors on hand to assist as well! If you have never programmed before in your life this is a great opportunity to begin learning surrounded by others eager to learn and share. Hopefully you will even leave with a working prototype!

How and when do I submit my hack?

You must submit your hack during the tenth hour. After you submit you can continue working on it until the final judging & sharing session. Please do not start you hack before arriving at the event.

What should I bring? How much does this event cost?

You should bring your laptop (we won't provide computers) and charger, phone and charger, and power strips (recommended). Also, pre-load Minecraft, Unity, PlayingMondo, Unreal Engine, or other 3D tools that you might want to use during the hackathon. The event costs $25. Food and snacks will be provided!

Who can attend and how do the teams work?

Students from participating schools can register with their teacher. If you would like your school to participate, have a sponsoring teacher contact: info@vrhackathon.com You can work individually or with a team. For more information, check out our rules.

I know a company that wants to sponsor, what should I tell them?

Great! Tell them to contact us at info@vrhackathon.com

What about parents?

Parents are encouraged to attend and support all the young people at this event. If you have hacker skills we would love to have you as mentors. Parents are not there as chaperones unless appointed to that role by their school. Schools attending the hackathon will have appointed an adult responsible for the safety and care of attendees. Please refer to these individuals regarding concerns; they will be best able to either resolve your questions or contact the appropriate person for relevant information.

Can I be a mentor at the event?

Definitely! Email us at info@vrhackathon.com

I have another question! How should I ask?

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us at info@vrhackathon.com. Additionally, check out our rules here.